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In northern Sumatra, local farmers have perfected the art of wet-hulling in response to the unusually humid climate, creating an incredibly distinct coffee.

Master Origin Indonesia wet-hulled Arabica is a race against rain. Sumatran farmers wet-hull their coffee because of the humid climate. They remove the parchment when the coffee is soft and moist because exposed beans dry faster. The method is unique to them and produces the classic Indonesian taste – velvety thick, wildly aromatic, notes of cured tobacco.



100% Arabica from Indonesia.



The coffee roasting process we use is a split roast method – with a medium and slightly shorter roast. Split roasting this Sumatra coffee gives a great complexity of aromatic notes in the cup.



It’s the coffee production, the unique coffee farming methods, that make this a classic Indonesia coffee – Master Origin Indonesia wet-hulled Arabica has a thick and rich, velvety body. It’s wild in its cured tobacco notes and you’ll get whiffs of tropical woody aromas.