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6 Intensity

Known for tea, the Japanese also have a real affinity for coffee. Striving for sophistication and natural sweetness, they love both a rich coffee and a balance of elegant aromas. World Explorations Tokyo Vivalto Lungo captures the essence of these preferences with refined Ethiopian and Mexican Arabicas. Complex, floral, with a hint of acidity – you will be pleasantly surprised by this cup. This new blend’s recipe called for a jump to intensity 6, up from the former 4. Despite the changes in the blend, its complexity and balance are the same as what you first fell in love with.

Drink it like a local: Extract your long black cup up to 150ml and take time to savour its aromas.

A combination of Ethiopian and washed Mexican Arabicas contrast beautifully to give this Lungo a rich flavor with delicate floral and fruity notes.
A shorter, lighter roast of the Ethiopian coffee beans preserves the coffee’s acidity and delicate flowery notes. Longer, darker roast of Mexican beans helps develop some intensity and body, while still maintaining the balanced character of the blend.
Tokyo Vivalto Lungo combines aromatic, flowery notes, refined roastiness and a hint of fruit for a balanced and complex profile.