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“World Explorations Shanghai Lungo is a smooth, fruity blend of Arabicas from four distinct origins that represent the diverse taste of a modern city like Shanghai. Trendy and forward-facing, the emerging coffee taste in the city is ever evolving and you are as apt to find an intense blend as you are a milder, smoother cup in the city’s high-end coffee shops. We captured this diversity in our Lungo with a collection of washed Arabica beans that blend together to deliver a distinctively fruity coffee with generous citric and berry notes. Chinese Arabica forms a delicate, creamy body. Together with the Kenyan coffee, it brings a sweet red fruit note with elegant bergamot and citrus aromas, while the Indonesian beans add a touch of wood spice to the blend. Enjoy it like a local by adding a splash of cream and taking it on-the-go.

Crafted from Kenyan, Chinese and Indonesian Arabicas, this distinctive light-roast blend will please the palate with its smoothness and fine berry notes.

Shanghai Lungo is roasted in two fast and light splits, allowing us to get precise results from each part while preserving the delicacy of the blend. A fine grind and medium capsule load keep it from becoming too mild.

Shanghai Lungo is a fruity blend with aromatic notes reminiscent of oranges, peach and red fruit. Berry notes and fine acidity add to the smoothness of the blend.”