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Ispirazione Italiana
8 Intensity

The fragrance wafting out of Rome’s traditional coffee bars is a testament to a rich history of contrasts: popular tastes, tempered by the capital’s elegance. This complexity is mirrored in a subtle roast, balancing intensity and finesse and deep flavor spiked with hints of acidity.

To hit the complexity of a classic Roman espresso requires starting with the right blend. The magnetic complexity of a Roman roast comes from its signature 70/30 blend of Arabica and Robusta. Inspired by this style, we crafted Ispirazione Roma to be our coffee with the most finesse. We chose a natural Arabica and Robusta from Brazil to give Ispirazione Roma its deep base. Adding a high-grown washed Arabica coffee from Ixhuatlan in Mexico provides a flourish of acidity and delicate green fruit aromatics. This Mexican Arabica grows in rich and fertile volcanic soils, and it’s processed so carefully – the farmers dry the coffee on what they call ‘raised drying beds’ to protect it from the rains. You can taste the results in the cup. The excellence of these coffees – and the complexity of the blend – are an homage to the beautiful story of ancient tradition and modern elegance that you find in Rome.

When in Rome, your sugar-laced bold and dark espresso with its foamy head of hazelnut-hued crema will taste as strong as the Roman Empire in its heyday. The Romans like their espresso served scalding hot and drunk in 30 seconds, and deeply dark. But we wanted to pay tribute to the chicness of modern Rome, and so we gave Ispirazione Roma a subtle light roast. It balances the intensity and deep flavor of the coffee with that hint of acidity that gives Ispirazione Roma its elegance. A fine grind preserves the coffees’ aromatic finesse. It helps keep Ispirazione Roma strong yet mild – true to Rome’s rich history of contrasts.

From the days of Ancient Rome, a great many cultures passed through this metropolis. Different layers of civilization towering up to the present day when Modern Rome adds its layer of elegance to the rich history of the city. Ispirazione Roma, too, is beautifully complex. There’s a subtle balance between the strength of the roastiness, the depth of the woodsy, cereal notes, and the finesse of the acidity and elegant aromatics. Ispirazione Roma is the ideal coffee if you’re after a bold yet graceful espresso – it’s a classic taste crowned with elegance.