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We traveled across remote Peruvian regions in search of some of the finest organic Arabica beans. High up above 1000 meters, tucked into the slopes of the Andes, we found them. Blessed with the meticulous care of smallholder farmers, Peru Organic is an elegant, fruity coffee accented by a smooth toasted cereal note.


After going to such great lengths to source the finest organic Peruvian coffee, it was only natural to take the same care in roasting this coffee. Peru Organic is a single origin coffee roasted in two parts to bring a nuanced complexity to the final cup. The two splits are lightly roasted and highlight the bright and smooth character of the blend while revealing the exotic fruity notes.


High up in the Andes, Peruvian Farmers contribute to protecting their terroir’s natural ecosystems and deliver an elegant, fruity coffee accented by a smooth toasted cereal note. The farmers’ expert care in soil quality, biodiversity, water management, and climatic conditions leads to both delicious and sustainable coffee.

Organic certification evidences the farms’ competence in growing sustainable coffee. The ambition is to train 1.500 farmers to master the skills of producing coffee through Nespresso’s technical training, improving their coffee and income.