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Barista Creations

Would you like to indulge? You can really cocoon with BARISTA CREATIONS Chiaro because it was designed for the sweet harmony of coffee with milk. A carefully selected blend of Kenyan and Indonesian Arabicas gets our lightest roast ever, so when you add milk, it reveals those delicious caramel and sweet biscuit notes.


To find the right fit, we didn’t hold back in testing plenty of coffees from different countries of origin. We discovered that not all coffees interact well with milk or milk froth. But fine Kenyan Arabica does, and we selected it to be part of the Chiaro blend. It’s known for its beautiful balance of citrus acidity and deep juicy fruit notes. We blended it with Indonesian Arabica from the island of Sumatra. Together, they make a decadent pair – exactly what we set our hearts on for this sweet cup made for smooth recipes with milk.


How you roast a coffee plays a big part in whether or not you hit that ideal harmony of coffee with milk. To develop that sweet and inviting taste of Chiaro, we split roast the blend with both splits roasting at a relatively low temperature and for a moderate amount of time – just long enough to develop the coffees’ inherent sweetness.

Aromatic profile

BARISTA CREATIONS Chiaro has hardly a hint of roastiness, and almost no bitterness or acidity you can perceive. It’s all creamy caramel and sweet biscuit notes when you add milk. The baristas in Brooklyn inspired us in the way their light roast values the natural sweetness of coffee and lends a decadent smoothness to the cup when you add milk. We love it as a Cappuccino, but go ahead and get creative – Chiaro is great as Latte Macchiato too – with cow milk or your favorite plant- based alternative: oat milk, coconut milk or soya milk.